The River Hill High School PTSA provides many other programs and services to support the school.

Student Directory

Student directory helps with communications among parents, teachers and students. The Directory is distributed to "youngest/only" students and teachers in November. 


PTSA news are compiled weekly and sent through the school newsletter on Fridays. For people who subscribe to PTSA newsletter online, we send out news and updates to keep parties informed. 

School Improvement Team

PTSA representatives participate in this school-wide committee for meeting county and school goals for achievement.

PTSA Website

The PTSA website is a great place to find about what the PTSA does, news, events, programs, and resources. It provides a convenient way for people to sign up memberships, make donations, register classes, and make online payments.

Social Media

The PTSA connects and engages people through social media channels, and informs people of what is going on.

Volunteer Coordination

The PTSA coordinates volunteers to support school front office, guidance office, parking permit seminars, food donations to staff, and numerous school events.

Giant Bulletin Board

PTSA news, information, and programs are posted in the bulletin board of Giant food store in Clarksville for all to see.