The PTSA is made up of volunteers who help make the school community even better.

Check out what each committee does. If you have interest in helping a committee, please contact the committee chair or the volunteer coordinator at Please also consider our open positions and contribute your talents; email if interested.

PTSA Open positions

eNewsletter Chair

Executive Committee

President: Oversees all actions and events of PTSA. Chair monthly Executive Board meetings. Provides leadership and support to various committees, as needed. Works closely with school administration.

Vice Presidents (2): Attend monthly meetings. Supports president as needed.

Treasurer: Deposits all PTSA checks into the bank account, issues reimbursements and balances checking account. Works with Executive Board over summer to come up with proposed budget for upcoming school year. 

Recording Secretary: Attends monthly meetings, takes minutes made easier by committee members submitting written reports via email. Sends email reminder messages of monthly meeting to Executive Board and committees. 

Corresponding Secretary: Handles correspondence on behalf of PTSA as requested by President. Involves buying/writing/sending greeting (get well or sympathy) cards on behalf of the PTSA community; writes thank you notes to guest speakers for parent programs; writes appreciation notes to Post Prom Party supporters. 

Delegates (2): Attends monthly (every other month with 2 delegates) PTA Council of HoCo meetings and reports back to PTSA at monthly meetings. (Reward: Be in the know on all things going on in the county in re: schools)

Standing Committees

Community Outreach: Organize social events for RHHS parents, such as “Coffee & Conversation” (informal hour-long opportunities to chat with the Principal). Choose dates for the socials in conjunction with the Principal. Reserve a location for the social, purchase refreshments, and publicize the event.

Directory: Beginning in September, works with PTSA Membership to collect all info necessary to print Student Directory. The Directory is distributed to "youngest/only" students and teachers in November. 

eNewsletter: Sends weekly emails to committee members requesting PTSA news.

Giant Bulletin Board: Updates the board with current PTSA news/info/programs. Be creative at home with your computer! Print on 8x11 paper and then use the Postermaker in the front office. It takes minutes to make a poster. Bring a ladder and put up your creation for all to see. 

Membership: Coordinates membership drive, processes payments in database, works with treasurer.

Parent Programs: Organizes programs of interest to parents, arranges for use of school, publicizes events through the PTSA website and newsletters. 

Post Prom Party: Plans party, includes food, entertainment, prizes, decorating, security, promotions, and fundraising. 

PTA Reflections Contest: Publicizes, creates interest, coordinates RHHS participation in National PTA-sponsored Reflections program. 

Staff Appreciation: Coordinates 3-5 principal-approved events throughout year.  Food items donated by generous RHHS parents and PTSA budget. Serves staff in teachers' lounge.

SAT Prep Classes: Coordinates SAT prep classes with administration/staff and makes fliers. Submits schedule to the PTSA website. 

School Improvement Team: Represents the PTSA on this school-wide committee for meeting county and school goals for achievement.

Volunteer Coordinator: Compiles list of volunteers from paper forms and online forms. Provides each committee chair with list of parent volunteers in Fall. 

Website Communications: Updates the PTSA website weekly as needed.